CallToAction1_Media Relations v2

Authentic Public Relations offers full, personalized media campaigns to garner impactful press coverage and continuous attention for your brand

CallToAction2_Marketing Strategy

As part of your overall communications strategy, Authentic Public Relations develops cohesive strategic plans, providing additional marketing support for overall success

CallToAction4_social media

From outlining strategy to full social platform support, Authentic Public Relations provides customized social media management in your brand voice

CallToAction5_event management

Whether launching a new concept or reintroducing a brand to media and influencers, Authentic Public Relations provides full event support

CallToAction6_strategic partnerships

Authentic Public Relations coordinates and aligns sponsorships, endorsements, and non-profit partnerships with complementary organizations to bring new awareness and exposure to your brand

CallToAction3_media training

Planned or impromptu, Authentic Public Relations provides one-on-one media training for interview and broadcast opportunities